Trust Cleveland Hinton to Settle Your Loved One’s Estate

Let Cleveland Hinton Handle the Complexity for You

Losing a loved one is a difficult situation, and having to navigate the complicated probate process while grieving is often overwhelming and troublesome. With dozens of requirements, deadlines, and forms that have to be filed in a specific order, the probate process is daunting. Furthermore, proper and complete administration of probate is imperative to ensure a decedent’s assets are inventoried and transferred according to the law to avoid potentially catastrophic problems for heirs for years or even generations to come.

Trust Cleveland Hinton to take that burden off your shoulders and competently handle the probate administration process for you. We have a dedicated team, experienced in handling all aspects of probate, including intestate administration (where the decedent passed away without a will), settling claims levied against the estate, disputes among heirs, deeds of distribution, multi-state and multi-county estates, dealing with heirs that are minors, and many other situations.

Comprehensive Probate Solutions

Likewise, we are experienced in clearing up issues related to neglected probates and problems related to property or assets that are left in a decedent’s name years or decades after their passing.

Our probate practice is not limited to estate administration. We also assist clients with guardianships, conservatorships, determination of heirs, dissolving or modifying trusts, and private family agreements (agreements of beneficiary heirs), petitions to sell real property, petitions to sell minors’ shares, and more.

Cleveland Hinton is here to serve as your one-stop solution to complicated probate administration. In the vast majority of cases, once you retain our services for Probate, you will never be required to set foot in the probate court; we take of it all for you.

We offer free consultations in probate matters, so call today to see how we can ease your burden.

Some of the Probate services we offer:

  • Probate administration
  • Guardianships & Conservatorships
  • Deed of Distribution
  • Determination of heirs
  • Trust modification
  • Sale of real property in probate
  • Modifying inheritance by agreement
  • Small Estate affidavit

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